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Studio One Dance Center


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Make every moment count.
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Our daughter "tried out" a dance class at Studio One last year just to see how she liked it. One hour a weekly quickly evolved into 7+ hours a week at the studio and has transitioned from feeling like a dance "class" to a dance "family". We had our first competition experience a few weeks ago and we could have not felt prouder to be part of the SODC family.The support and encouragement that the dancers show to each other at all times is so heartwarming and exactly the environment that you want your child to be a part of. Michele maintains a level of excellence in all aspects of the studio, creating a supportive and inclusive community where dancers feel safe to explore and grow their passion we love Studio One


We were fortunate enough to join Studio One Dance Center this last  fall, coming from a smaller studio we never looked back. The girls were welcomed by both staff and students the minute the walked through those doors. Their dance world has opened up with so many opportunities they have never experienced before. The love, encourgament, respect and support, your outstanding teachers and choreographers and the opportunities you provide your students through competition, auditions, and performance events truly make it feel like a family. Thank you Studio One Dance Center for everything you have done this year. 


Studio Ones our daughters second home. The teachers and senior dancers have had such an amazing impact on her life. She exudes confidence and courage weather she's onstage or off. I couldn't ask for anything more as a parent. They offer such an amazing range of classes for all ages in competitive and recreational. 

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